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Tea Tree & Lavender

In most cases, gynecologists do not recommend using intimate soaps, as they contain SLS and fragrances that throw the pH level of your vagina off balance. Our soap does not contain any ingredients that damage the pH level and is therefore safe to use. Read more about the Lavido Intimately Yours Wash, and what it can do for you in maintaining feminine hygiene.

Natural body care for the intimate area

Besides using the Lavido Intimately Yours Wash, it is important to emphasize that the body naturally cleans and protects the vagina through vaginal discharge. Moreover, in the vagina—just as in the digestive tract—there is friendly bacteria that helps proper function and protection. This bacterium breaks down a substance in the vagina’s cell lining called glycogen into lactic acid, which keeps vaginal fluids slightly acidic. The physiological pH level in the vaginal area is 3.8-4.5 and protects against infections. Vaginal irritation, a burning sensation that many women suffer from, is caused by bacterial imbalance in the vaginal area and changes in the pH level.

Violating the vaginal acid balance results in a higher vaginal discharge and is caused by changes in hormone level (like through hormonal birth control), as well as by the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and sex. Tight clothes and synthetic underwear also affect the vagina’s bacterial balance, as they block ventilation. Changes in vaginal discharge are natural. Still, unpleasant smell, abnormal color, substantial change in quantity or an itching sensation, swelling and redness may indicate a bacterial or fungal infection. In this case, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Nevertheless, maintaining feminine hygiene can prevent such conditions as well as heal symptoms and aid treatment.

Why choose Lavido Intimately Yours Wash

Just like facial soap is designed for the delicate, sensitive facial skin, our intimate wash is especially formulated for the intimate area. Characterized by a gentler formula compared to regular soap, our soap won’t change the vagina’s physiological pH level and is enriched with natural anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal ingredients, as well as ingredients that soothe the skin and relieve itching and irritation.

The soap is features antibacterial tea tree oil, antiseptic lavender oil, and geranium oil, which improves hormonal balance. It can be used as a treatment to treat fungus, candida, inflammation, and unpleasant smells.

The soap has a unique gel texture, so you only need to use a small quantity and is recommended for young girls and women. It is especially beneficial after childbirth for the treatment and healing of the intimate area.

More about Lavido Intimately Yours Wash

Directions: Designed for daily, external wash use only. Wash the intimate area gently with the Lavido Intimately Yours Wash and rinse thoroughly. Discover this product and the full GreenAid Collection in our webshop.

Lavido Intimately Yours Wash is dermatologically tested Lavido body care is organic Lavido Intimately Yours Wash is vegan friendlyLavido Intimately Yours Wash is gluten free

  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • No Synthetic Fragrance

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