Lavido Visitor Center & Factory Store (Nahalal, Israel)

Lavido Visitor Center

In the middle of an enchanting botanical garden, in the fields of green agricultural moshav Nahalal, you’ll find Lavido’s factory, shop and visitor center. The Lavido Visitor Center offers an unique opportunity to learn about therapeutic herbs and oils and discover their wonderful qualities to sustain a better and healthier way of life. We welcome you to learn about essential oils and a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Join our lectures on natural cosmetics and healthy lifestyles, a demonstration of manufacturing processes of natural care products and essential oils or join a variety of workshops.

The humble beginnings

The startup of the Lavido visitor center finds its roots in a personal event playing in the life of Ido Magal, founder of Lavido. One day the newborn nephew of Ido suffered from a diaper rash. Before his parents went to the doctor, the baby’s mother asked if her brother-in-law Ido, who had just graduated as a naturopath, perhaps knew a cure. Within a few days he developed a natural-based cream. The baby’s skin healed, and as the news spread he received a stream of phone calls from interested people. People initially called for their little ones, later for themselves. Magal realized that he would reach more people in this way than with a one-to-one massage treatment for which he had been trained.

The company grew naturally and now, fifteen years after the first baby cream, Lavido is market leader in its field in Israel. Our products are certified organic, and their effectiveness has been proven through dermatological research. The brand has almost hundreds of points of sale and four flagship stores. The largest is located in Nahalal in the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel. And it is precisely that one that is worth a trip. “We show visitors around the botanical garden, where more than fifty herbs grow that we process into essential oils,” says Liron Schneider-Magal, director of Lavido Israel (and Ido’s sister).” Both groups and individual guests are welcome for a tour through the botanical garden and with a minimum of eight participants, a lecture on aromatherapy in English or Hebrew.

“We show visitors around the botanical garden, where more than fifty herbs grow that we process into essential oils,”


Learning experience

“In the workshop you hear, for example, how our essential oils are made. For hundreds of years, people use essential oils as a medicinal remedy, Lavido gives new life into it. These essential oils, are an important components in our creams, they contain active ingredients, and effective substances. Like lavender, that helps to cure wounds, but also helps against headaches. First by smearing the oil on your skin, and second in an aroma therapeutic manner. Another example is eucalyptus, of which a few drops on your pillow helps against a bad cold. Jasmine, rose and citrus are also popular ingredients. At the workshop, you learn to make your own perfume or cream. Those who feel like it will take their turn at a well-stocked Lavide store.”

Lavido around the world

For the last 6 years, Lavido can be found in the USA, Canada, UK and Taiwan, among others. The US market is completely in love since Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Lavido has been introduced to her by her makeup artist, Angella Levin which is as well a big fan of Lavido, and Lavido is stared at GOOP stores and The American Elle announced Lavido’s Alert Eye Cream one of the five best products on planet earth. Nevertheless, those involved remain humble. “Well, we are Israelis, we just love hard work,” laughs Schneider-Magal. For those who cannot easily reach the Lavido visitors center in Nahalal: Lavido is now also available in Europe.


This post is derived from an article published by Dutch media written by Acsha Vissel in april 2019

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