Prepare your skin for the cold autumn and winter season

Ido Magal, founder and owner of Lavido Natural Organic Cosmetics explains why our skin dries out during the cold autumn and winter days and what we can do to prevent and treat this.

The two main reasons your skin dries out in cold weather and winter are wind and lack of moisture. In Chinese medicine, the wind is the main element that carries diseases and pathogens. In its capacity to protect our bodies, our skin fights against the wind. In most cases, diseases are thus stopped at the outer layer of the skin. The physiological effects of the wind include dehydration, chapping, itchy skin and dandruff.

The wind dries out the skin’s natural moisture barrier, and as a result requires increased fluid intake. In addition, our body is naturally less thirsty in winter (because it is not hot and there is no humidity). Therefore, the body consumes less fluid. When we are dehydrated, there is less moisture in the skin and it is easier for the cold to cause sores, breaks and tears in the skin.

How do we prevent the skin from drying out?

1. Drink a lot! Mainly water. Remember that drinking coffee has the opposite effect. Caffeine makes the body want to excrete moisture instead of absorbing it. The same goes for caffeinated tea.

2. Use oils. Oil molecules create a layer on the skin for a long time, protecting the inside of the body. This prevents the wind and pathogens from penetrating the skin, and from evaporating liquids from the body.

3. Natural moisturizing creams containing a high concentration of fatty acids create a protective layer on the skin. Therefore, cosmetics based on high concentrations of natural organic oils are recommended.

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