GreenAid Collection

Lavido’s line of therapeutic skin care with natural ingredients. Perfect for people with dry and sensitive skin.

“This natural skin care company is here to change the beauty industry”

Natural skin care

Created specifically to bring out the incredible healing and restorative properties of Tea Tree, the Lavido GreenAid collection is a therapeutic line of natural, plant-based solutions for those with dry and sensitive skin. From foot creams to skin balms, our GreenAid collection has the wonders of the Australian Tea Tree in every product.

Solution for dry skin

Valued as a natural remedy by the Aboriginal people for centuries, the oil of the Tea Tree contains many natural compounds that have been proven to promote the skin’s healing. It helps prevent infection and kills certain bacteria, viruses and fungi, as well as increasing white blood cell activity to fight germs. The GreenAid collection guarantees therapeutic skin care.

Skin care with Tee Tree extract

Lavido’s GreenAid product range includes our best-selling Thera Intensive Body Cream Treatment for dry and sensitive skin types to soothe dryness and provide anti-aging benefits. Concentrated with Vitamin E and key extracts of Tea Tree, Nigella and Evening Primrose, this cream is a prime example of how we use tea tree to regenerate your skin and restore it to prime condition.

Natural ingredients

Our connection to the natural world is a well-known part of Lavido’s philosophy, and GreenAid’s Tea Tree focus is the absolute culmination of the benefits nature brings you from us. From the natural ingredients we use to our zero-animal product and testing policy, our organic chemistry combines the planet’s finest ingredients and our know-how to bring you the very best for your skin.

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