Summer Collection

Summer has arrived and it’s time to take your skincare into the next season! Check out our favorites for an instant boost.

"The most effective botanical-based beauty products"

Martha Stewart about Lavido

Give your skin the nourishment it deserves with the Lavido Summer Skin Care range! Plant-based and packed with nutrients and aromas, every Lavido skin care item offers all-natural solutions to hydrate your skin and help you glow throughout this year’s warmest months. Stock up on your favorite items and try something new this summer!

With hot weather comes more time outside, and the need for SPF. Good, regular routine is key to healthy skin, and all Lavido products are dermatologically tested to ensure safe, effective use on all types of skin. From Antioxidant Masks to Aromatic Body Washes you can find the best skin care products for you in our store. Two of summer’s most important considerations are to stop dry and dehydrated skin, similar in nature but different in how you cure them. Dry skin is a result of less sebum, the skin’s natural oil, while dehydrated skin is a result of a lack of water. Though common and occasionally happening together, they are very easy to address, and our Summer Skin Care range products help to add essential oils, moisture and nutrients to your skincare.

Nothing says summer like glowing skin, and at Lavido we want you to enjoy the perfect summer with yours. Chemical- and cruelty-free, our products help you avoid the redness, under-eye circles and tightness of dry and dehydrated skin over the summer with an exquisitely curated Lavido skin care range full of minerals, herbal extracts and natural solutions. De-age your skin, hydrate and add a dose of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) all in one this summer with Lavido Summer Skin Care range. Treat yourself and your skin to the best nature has to offer, and enjoy the benefits for the rest of the year to come.

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