Where Can I Buy Lavido Products?

Where can I buy Lavido?

The renowned natural skin and body care brand Lavido is coming to Europe. Lavido was founded in 2003 by Israeli herbalist Ido Magal. The brand is now expanding to more than 25 European countries to share its luxury blends across the continent.

Official Distributor in Europe

In early 2018, Ido Magal and childhood friend Limor de Leeuw-Schorr, who represents Lavido in Europe, got together to plan a launch of Lavido in Europe. With a first introduction in the Netherlands, the vegan-friendly brand will be distributed to neighboring countries and beyond.

Lavido.nl is now the go-to place when it comes to online shopping for Lavido in Europe. The new webshop offers a range of selected products that have been carefully put together for the European market. After thorough research and evaluation, Lavido formulas have now been approved by EU officials. Our store allows you and customers across Europe to easily shop for Lavido products and have them delivered to your home. A carefully curated line-up of Lavido luxury cosmetics is available in our online shop.

Availability in Europe

Lavido currently ships to 26 European countries, following in the footsteps of Israel, the United States and Canada. Lavido Netherlands, based in Amsterdam, ships Lavido products to Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Shop for Lavido Now

Offers for Free Shipping

Also take advantage of free shipping. We charge different shipping costs for different destinations. Click here and discover what we can do for you.

Other destinations

For shipping outside the European Union or to countries not listed here, please contact us directly. See lavido.com for purchases in the United States and Canada. If you want to order in Israel, check out lavido.co.il.

About Lavido

Lavido develops products for natural facial and body care. Our products are formulated with certified organic essential oils and active natural ingredients. Each of our products is made with the finest plant-based ingredients. The result is effective, balanced and luxurious blends for face and body.

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